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Grant McGrath (b.1986) is a visual artist from Belmont, California currently based in Brooklyn, New York. He is known for his explosive abstract paintings blending draftsmanship and intuitive strokes in acrylic and graphite.

Grant studied Art Studio at University of California, Davis and continued his art education at Pratt Institute taking courses in Product Design drawing. Growing up in a house that his father constructed, Grant was surrounded by architectural design drawings and blueprints as a child. The engineered and drafting technique prevalent in his work can be traced back to this constant exposure and tutelage from an architect and builder.


Engaging in what he refers to as “creative cross training”, Grant supplements his studio practice with creative/art directing, designing, and storyboarding for creative agencies and film productions. Taking a wide inspiration from film, industrial design, and fashion photography, Grant will often integrate what he does in art directing into his studio practice and vice-versa. Following an interest in design and fashion, he also created his own up-cycled and sustainable menswear label, GRANDINO, produced in New York and distributed internationally.

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