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Order & Chaos


In all mediums of art, music, and design I consistently find myself drawn to the tension of opposites existing together. 


A dance of dualities.


In my ongoing series of Control and Chaos, I invite viewers to experience the tension and blending of spontaneity and restraint as angular, exact geometries and gradients weave and collide with sporadic brushwork. Exploring how these forces occupy a shared space, geometric symbols of control are placed intuitively as the composition unfolds with similar unplanned moments of violently spasmodic lines and brush strokes. 


Stripping down to essential visual elements, I am interested translating for the viewer the battle of balance between order and chaos. I want viewers to feel the energy of moments of spontaneity and randomness that break intention, schedules and plans. 

For me order is routine. 

Order is also rhythm. It is repetition. It is purposeful creation. 

Order is also bureaucratic. Regulations and rules. 

In the four repeated right angles of a rectangle there is organization. The endless rectangles that populate our homes and urban landscape. There is also a domination over the natural round, flowing curves of nature.


I define chaos as spontaneous without warning or apology.

Chaos has no law. It is the feeling of giving up to fate. 

Formless and fleeting. Only Order gives it a tangible structure. 


My works in this series are in some ways a love letter. A homage. An offering of both understanding and bewilderment. 

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